Record shopping in amsterdam

2019-11-19 13:51

Shopping for vinyl in Amsterdam. These record stores in Amsterdam are by no means the only source for finding vinyl, especially not if you are looking for used records. The various thrift shops in town (kringloopwinkels) are an excellent place to discover rarities at low prices, and the various markets across the city, such as the one onDistortion is probably one of the messiest record stores in Amsterdam, but dont let that scare you away. Lets be honest, it actually makes the experience of digging through this expansive record shopping in amsterdam

Apr 21, 2016 Think of it as a kind of 1000 places to see before you die for record shops. As our guide to record shopping in Amsterdam proved, the Dutch capital is bursting with amazing vinyl spots, from big players like Concerto and Rush Hour to the specialist shops tucked away in romantic alleys.

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