Update shopping channel modded wii

2019-11-20 15:21

Apr 19, 2013 So here's how to install the new Shopping Channel without updating the wii system 1. Download the Shopping Channel v21 wad and stick it on the wad folder on your SD card. 2. Use either Multi Mod Manager or Wad Manager, from the Homebrew Channel. If you don't have the homebrew channel, see here. ) 3. Either 'Load another IOS' or load the wad directly. 4.Feb 08, 2017  The last thing you would want to happen is your Wii deleting one of the main functions on it thinking its a mod. But then again I never have had to update my Wii when it was modded. update shopping channel modded wii

Dec 31, 2010 The easiest way to update the shop channel (without for sure effecting your softmod) is to download the latest version of shop channel using NUSD and install it using WAD Manager. Directions Download NUSD from HERE. Extract it to a folder on your PC (this is a PC aplication not a Wii Aplication). Then run it by selecting the NUSD13Beta. exe file.

Feb 17, 2014 Best Answer: If Wii Shop Channel asking for the update? Or the software asking for an update? If the software says to update, this is safe to do, as you are just updating the app, not the system. If Wii Shop is asking for the update, then you will want to manually update Wii Shop vs. doing the system update. update shopping channel modded wii

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