Definition comparison shopping

2019-11-13 10:38

Definition: Comparison shopping is a practice among consumers where a range of available suppliers are compared to identify the best price for the items or services they are willing to buy. It is an evaluation of potential sellers to see which one is offering the best deal.Comparisonshop definition, to compare prices and quality of competing merchandise. See more. definition comparison shopping

Comparison shopping is comparing similar products from different stores or suppliers. Comparison shopping services are popular on the Internet. Comparison shopping should be done by all retailers to find out what their competition is doing in regards to pricing, merchandising, store

Definition: Comparison Shopping Comparison shopping is the concept of comparing a products price, attributes, quality etc. with its peer brands before actually buying that product. The idea of comparison shopping includes researching about the product and comparing it with multiple peer brands on both online platform and brick and mortar stores to get the maximum value from a product at lowest Definition of COMPARISON SHOPPING: Comparing prices before shopping to get the best price. It is done on many big ticket items. The Law Dictionary Featuring Black's Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed.definition comparison shopping Definition of comparison shopping: The practice of comparing prices in advance of actually shopping in order to achieve the best deals and pricing on merchandise and services. Comparison shopping is often done in anticipation of buying

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