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Add An Item To A List: From your Alexa App choose Shopping List or To Do list on the left hand side. You will see a text field, go ahead and type the item you want to add then select the plus sign to add it. From the Amazon Website once you are logged in just type the item and then click on Add to Shopping list.Apr 16, 2019 I was able to use the commands to get Alexa to remove some items off the list but some name brands she did not recognize a match to. However, I just tried going into the Alexa Shopping List directly through the Amazon website under Accounts and Lists and was able to delete the remaining items from there. amazon shopping list echo

Feb 20, 2015 See how to add items to your shopping list and how to pull it up on the app.

Select Create List, type a name for the new list, and then select Add (). You can then rename, archive or delete a list any time. Rename a list Find the list you want to rename. Select the arrow in front of its name, then select the pencil icon to edit its name. Archive a list Find the list you want to archive. Jul 29, 2017 While Alexa will add your things to a shopping list in Amazon, you might want to keep your list on an app that specializes in grocery lists and you can use at the store. Here are some grocery list apps that work with alexa to help you on your way! OurGroceriesamazon shopping list echo Jan 03, 2019 I use the Echo Devices, and anything I verbally add, goes into the Amazon Alexa App Shopping List on my phone no problem. Maybe something with the Sonos speaker? Last edited by Oneacer: Jan 3, 2019

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Jun 20, 2017  If youve been using the Amazon Echo to add things to your grocery list, heres how to send that list to your email when youre finally ready to go shopping. The Alexa app stores your shopping list, so when you open the app and select Shopping& ToDo Lists in the side menu, youll get a list of everything you added. amazon shopping list echo The Different Ways You Can Add Items to Your Amazon Echo Shopping List Using Your Voice. This is perhaps the easiest and most straightforward way Through the Alexa App. If youd rather not mess with thirdparty apps for controlling your Echo Through the Amazon Website. You can also add