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Located in the the Central Business District of Bengaluru, Commercial Street, as the name suggests, is the shopping epicentre of the city. While the street majors in clothing, one can shop for footwear, watches, hardware, electricals et al.Jul 12, 2018 Commercial Street Shopping Commercial Street is located about a kilometer from M. G Road and is in the heart of Bengaluru. It comprises other minor roads like Dispensary Road, Ebrahim Sahib Street and Narayan Pillai Street. commercial street shopping in bangalore

Dec 23, 2016 Top 20 Designer Boutiques in Bangalore. As the name suggests, this shop contains exclusive collections for party wears. This store is a store for all the women out there and has a wide collection of dresses, robes, gowns, especially shrugs and maxidresses, formal tshirts, jeans, and blazers.

Commercial Street Bangalore. Bustling with crowds at all times of the day, Commercial Street is one of the busiest markets in the garden city. A tangle of bylanes, the street is lined with Footfalls are high and it has become a premium destination for shoppers in Bangalore. Commercial Street is one of the core streets of Bangalore CBD including MG road and Brigade Road.commercial street shopping in bangalore The street perpendicular to Commercial Street, it's a proper lead up to the main shopping hub. But with massive stores for Metro shoes, Westside (this one covers four floors and has kids, men, women, sports, books and home decor under one roof), and a Manyavar too!

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Aug 06, 2018  I have been to commercial 45 times till now. You need to roam around a lot. Look for some specific shops with different variety of clothes and footwear, and one important thing you should know how to bargain. In terms of clothes: Mostly shops commercial street shopping in bangalore Aug 27, 2014  If youve not done these 5 things in Commercial Street, Well So often my response to the question, where did you find that? has been at the Commercial Street, Bangalore! Whether you are just browsing for inspiration or looking for a fabulous dress for less, you will find that Commercial Street has lanes of style to tempt you. One of the most famous markets of Bengaluru, Commercial Street is a paradise for street shopping in Bangalore, with clothes ranging from costly to medium, to cheap each of them having superb quality. It is a onestop destination for purchasing garments, imitation jewellery, sports goods and footwear. Located in the Central Business District of Bangalore, Commercial Street is home to a number of small shopkeepers and thrift shops which sell the most delightful variety of articles you can find. One of the first shopping areas a newcomer to the city is told about, Commercial Street is a fix for all your shopping needs and weekend entertainment. Jun 22, 2018  Commercial Street in Bangalore is a shoppers delight. There is so much to shop for here, you will often wonder where to start. The narrow street is flanked by shops that sell clothes, jewellery, home dcor and spices.