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2019-11-15 00:59

Shop online widest variety of stoles with designed in silk, wool, cashmere and pashmina at Christina India.Whether you are looking for the soft embrace of Pashmina& Cashmere, or to charm up your attire with the best of Kashmiri Embroideries like Aari, Sozni& Tilla or to dcor up your home with Paper Machie& Walnut Wood beauties or simply to treat yourself to the exquisite Kashmiri Kahwa, Dry Fruits, Saffron and Wazwan, or to benefit from the age pashmina stoles online shopping india

GudIndia also offers a vast variety of exclusive goodies appeasing the men and women closets with cosy Cashmere Jackets, or entrancing Pashmina shawls, propounds for Home dcor including the Paper Mache, Walnut Wood and other handicrafts and artefacts and adds opulence to the Gourmet sensualising the taste buds with Walnuts, Apricots, Saffron, and many more epicurean ingredients.

Buy Online premium quality kashmiri pashmina shawls and stoles. Choose from our wide range of Embroidered Pashmina Shawl, Kani Pashmina, silk Shawl Shopping Basket New Delhi India. 91 STOLE. The certified hand crafted pure cashmere stoles online, hand woven on the wooden looms in the Kashmir valley is the Art of Royals. Created in lengthy processes, taking from 20 hours for the plain ones& upto 200 hours for the embroidered ones, these real pashmina stoles onlinepashmina stoles online shopping india You can find dreamy designs including Stole with full buti prints, Stole with camel prints, Stole with big ambi design, Stole with full stripes, Stole with full embroidery, Stole with designer broad stripes and more. Get stunned with the colours range in semipashmina stole that arrest your hearts and eyes.

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Pashmina stoles online shopping india free

Buy online premium quality Kashmiri pashmina shawls and stoles. Chose from a wide range of colors and Embroidered Pashmina. This handmade natural ivory pashmina Stole is a mark of royalty and class, the work done on thi. . Sale. Black and Natural Brown Checkered Pashmina Shawl. Under Startup India Program, by Government of India. pashmina stoles online shopping india