Bid shopping defined

2019-11-15 00:58

How can the answer be improved?In construction law, bid shopping is the practice of divulging a contractors or subcontractors bid to other prospective contractor(s) or subcontractor(s) before the award of bid shopping defined

Bid shopping refers to the practice of contractors pressuring subcontractors, after the award of a contract, to submit a lower bid without passing the savings onto the government.

bidshopping Legal Definition v The legitimate practice whereby a general contractor, after being awarded a contract, tries to reduce his own costs by disclosing to interested subcontractors the lowest bids he received for subcontracts, and then inviting even lower bids. Definition of BID SHOPPING: Putting one bidder against another to get lower prices. It can happen before or after shopping defined May 31, 2019 Bid shopping is a term used in construction law, defined as revealing bid prices to subcontractors prior to the award of a contract to obtain a lower cost. It might also occur after a contract is awarded when a contractor shops for companies willing to do the subcontracting work more cheaply.

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