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Here is Hong Kong vs Singapore in a grudge match. Compare sights, transport, shopping, and more to answer the question of which city to visit.Doing Business Singapore vs Hong Kong Singapore and Hong Kong have been competing for decades to gain dominance as Asias Best Place to Do Business. Both the regions have been luring foreign investors with their tax friendly policies, easy company incorporation procedures and excellent infrastructure, amongst several other factors. singapore vs hong kong shopping

Dec 01, 2014 Hongkong, for the following reasons: Here are my takes: 1) Gateway to China: more international brands: Based on the fact that the top international brands generally enter the asian market via HK thanks to it being their gateway to Asia, they'v

In Hong Kong, you have the MTR, which covers the trains, metro, buses, and trams. In Singapore, its the MRT and LRT. A monthly pass is a little more expensive in Hong Kong, by around 12, but when it comes to the cost of taxis, theres a huge difference. Singapores taxis are a massive 62 cheaper to use than those in Hong Kong. Bangkok is know by Flight Crew as a great destination for lower prices and bartering it's not the best place of the three for finding a wide selection of high end name brands or new designers Hong Kong and to a slightly lesser extent Singapore, however has far more high end name brand shops andsingapore vs hong kong shopping Hong Kong vs Singapore. Cost of Living Comparison Between Hong Kong and Singapore. Tweet. For major cities in those countries you could get probably more relevant data by specifying cities itself. City in Hong Kong: Contribute data for another city in Hong Kong. City in Singapore

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Country comparison Singapore vs Hong Kong 2019 Country comparison, you can compare any two countries and see the data side by side. Here you have the comparison between Singapore vs Hong Kong singapore vs hong kong shopping Home City comparison Hong Kong vs Singapore. 86 points. Hong Kong. 84 points. Singapore Apr 05, 2018 Answer 1 of 38: To spend the holidays. Which of the two best places to visit is Singapore or hong kong? Singapore and Hong Kong have been Asias top economic powerhouses for the longest time. In terms of attracting tourists, both cosmopolitan cities are alluring in their own rights, which make it a tough choice to decide where to visit in Asia. MRT in Singapore is a minimum of SGD1 a journey, which is slightly more expensive than Hong Kong. Hotels (expensive) and hostels (not cheap compared to elsewhere in Asia) are similar in both cities (although again in Hong Kong no hotel government tax in Singapore taxes and a service charge added 17. 7 to my recent stay).