Two time non select for promotion

2019-11-17 00:51

Failure of Selection for Promotion: The statutory procedure for promotion is a process of selection of the bestqualified officers from a group of generally outstanding officers. Selection boards consider a group of highlycapable officers, which results in a certain number of individuals failing selection one or more times.Now, imagine that despite the dedication, when the time comes, you are not selected for promotion. If you are a captain or major, this means that you are on a track out of the military. two time non select for promotion

If you did not select for promotion, you will continue to be looked at for promotion as an above zone eligible each year until promoted or your status in the Navy changes (e. g. retirement, resignation, release from active duty, lateral transfer, etc. )

May 01, 2015  By using 2 x nonselect at promotion boards as a meansmechanism to separate and, with the additionchange to policy at least for officers, it seems like this will be happening ALOT more soonI think the argument is more easily made that it was the Soldier's fault for being separated (because they weren't competitive against their peers)therefore, their having to repay any benefits two time non select for promotion

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