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2019-11-19 14:03

Note: Once youve finished here, why not checkout the followup post on my art blog 10 More Things You Can Do to Get Your Artwork Noticed. Whether youre a hobbyist sculptor, a parttime photographer, or a fulltime artist, if youre proud of what you create, I bet youd likeTumblr. com is the traditional art worlds social scene. Seems like lately that everyone whos anyone has a Tumblr account. Should you be on Tumblr, and if so, whats the most effective way to promote your art promote your art tumblr

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Aug 25, 2016  Promote your art accordingly. At Agora Gallery we understand that promotion is an aspect of an artists career that should develop all the time, just as the art itself does. Here are some tips from the experts at Agora Gallery on the best strategies to promote your art effectively. Useful Article: Building A Sustainable Art Career Build your business page. Lets start with the basics! Setting up your page as a business account will be best for your art business for many reasons, a big one being you can keep track of how your account and audience are doing with Pinterests insights. Learn everything from what potential buyers are loving most about your page to what kind of fans are engaging with your art business, sopromote your art tumblr Although Tumblr is a famous social network site, it doesnt say that you shouldnt utilize other networks to promote your Tumblr website. You can promote Tumblr by using social media channels in a few different ways. Create Social media pages for your Tumblr (ex: facebook fan page like this one)

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mine art how to improve artists on tumblr artblr studyblr studyspo studyspiration art a level art gcse art beginner art ideas school study university tips tricks excercises life drawing landscapes sketchbook improvement 101 tutorial 100 days of productivity productivity exams promote your art tumblr You can now promote your blog by filling up this form. What you get: Your blog will be featured in the blog for the whole month starting from 15th of october to the 15th of november. Your stories will be reblogged the most times. You will be a one step closer to the fic Jul 02, 2010  10 tips for blogging art on tumblr. Link up to a twitter account and autotweet your tumblr posts Im hoping to use Tumblr to promote my upcoming exhibition and Im new to the social networking way of self promotion. Any advice you can offer would be great. Ive gained a lot of ideas from this blog. I am wondering about how much of May 08, 2015  If you would like to sell your art: Use social media like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Behance, YouTube, DeviantArt and Tumblr to promote your work on selling sites etsy. com, makdu. com, saatchiart. com or your own site (there are lots of good options to sell via your own website) Please add the title and your name on submission. Feel free to include links to your website, instagram, facebook, deviantart, etc. If you are a photographer please submit here Thanks for submit!