Sun trio plus promo 2013

2020-01-21 03:54

Apr 02, 2012  Sun Cellular Prepaid currently added the SUN TRIO 100 to the Sun TRIO 30 and TRIO 20 as to complete the tripartite prepaid promo that wishes to dominate the call and text promo run. Sun TRIO100 offers 80 minutes of calls to Sun, Smart and Talk N Text, and 1000 text to all networks, which includes Globe and TM subscribers for a P100 for a 7day validity.As seen on their latest TV commercial starring TNT endorser Jericho Rosales, you can enjoy unlimited texting to all your tropa and bardaka from Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk N Text for one day. Theres more, you can also call up to 10 minutes to any of your friends using Smart and TNT sim card. Smart Gaan Unli Trio Plus Offer Details sun trio plus promo 2013

Jun 14, 2013 Friday, June 14, 2013. SUN CELLULAR LOAD PROMOS SUN CALL ME SUN TRIO PLUS 100 Thanks for sharing this list of sun promo, will try to use the mobile phone promo the soonest. BTW, the design of your blog is really cute: 3 Cheers! Reply Delete. Replies.

Jun 19, 2013  Sun Cellular launched another great offer Sun Cellular Trio Plus promo. Sun Cellular Trio Plus lets subscribers make calls to Sun, Smart, and Talk N Text, send texts to all networks, and stay online using their mobile phones. Sun Cellular Trio Plus comes in 3 load denominations. Pick from Sun Cellular Trio Plus 20, 30 and P100 that suits youre needs. Nov 12, 2012 Sun Trio promo offers TRIO20, TRIO30, TRIO100 and SUN TRIO Plus Sim. Sun TRIO 20 offers 15 mins of calls and 200 texts to Sun, Smart and Talk N Text (TNT) for only P20. Sun TRIO 30 offers 30 minutes calls to the Sun, Talk N Text and Smart plus 300 SMS text to all networks (200 texts to other networks plus 100 Sun texts) with 1 day validity forsun trio plus promo 2013 May 20, 2013 May 20, 2013. Affordable Prepaid SIM cards Price from Sun Cellular Sun TRIO Plus SIM. Price: P35. Free. 20 minutes Sun calls and 10 minutes Trinet calls (SunSmartTalk N Text) Smart Communications Inc. offers their unlimited internet browsing promo on your mobile using your Smart (Prepaid) SIM and PC using your wi

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