Putative promoter region definition

2019-11-12 01:45

Jan 01, 2012 Bioinformatic analysis defined the putative promoter region of RAB7L1 and the transcription factor binding sites that are potentially affected by 2 of the tested SNPs. Results All tested SNPs were significantly associated with PD (odds ratios; P. 0002. 014).PROMOTER DELETION ANALYSIS AND IDENTIFICATION OF PUTATIVE CISELEMENTS OF MUTE IN ARABIDOPSIS. By. Aaron Mahoney. Accepted in Partial Completion. Of the Requirements for the Degree. Master of Science. Kathleen Kitto, Dean of Graduate School. ADVISORY COMMITTEE. Chair, Dr. Lynn Pillitteri. Dr. Jeffery Young. Dr. David Leaf putative promoter region definition

This page is about the meanings of the PPR in the Medical field in general and in the Human Genome terminology in particular. Putative Promoter Region. Medical Human Genome.

Feb 21, 2010 It's a region of DNA sequence upstream of an open reading frame that is believed to be the promoter, but has not yet been shown to be the promoter. For your second question, that may be referred to as an inducible promoter, and it likely has other regulatory regions (regulatory protein binding sites for example) encoded upstream. Oct 25, 2008  Using this definition, many of the putative viral promoter regions are located in an adjacent gene. Three conserved sequences occur in the chlorella virus promoter regions Using AlignAce software, three highly conserved nucleotide sequences were identified inputative promoter region definition May 12, 2014 Putative. The word putative is used to describe an entity or a concept that is based on what is generally accepted or inferred even without a direct proof of it. Putative gene, for instance, refers to a nucleotide sequence believed to be a gene because of its open reading frame although its function and the protein it codes

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