Mtg dotp 2013 dlc promo codes

2019-11-21 19:56

Jul 09, 2012 For Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled All 10 promo codes included here .DotP 2013 Unlocking. If a deck does not have any Promo Unlocks then these codes will do nothing for that deck. Promo Codes: FNMDGP KWPMZW MWTMJP WMKFGC NCTFJN GDZDJC HTRNPW The game also seems to prefer to use files from WADs starting with DATADLC over those in WADs that start with DECK . So when looking for the APPIDLINKING. TXT mtg dotp 2013 dlc promo codes

Jul 08, 2012  Just as a reminder, the first two promo codes were WMKFGC and KWPMZW. Duels 2013 promo code FNMDGP unlocks: Celestial Light: Serra Avatar. Born of Flame: Furnace of Rath. Pack Instinct: Vorapede. Dream Puppets: Grindstone. Goblin Gangland: Goblin War Strike

Sep 14, 2012  Duels 2013 DLC returns to Ravnica with 5 new decks [updated Stainless and Wizards should know by now: if you put it in the code, gamers will find it. Just as with Duels 2012s DLC leaks, the gamers at the official Magic the Gathering forums have Jan 02, 2013 Duels 2013 promo codes to unlock 100 cards If you want 100 free cards for Duels 2013, enter the Player Status screen, click the 'Promo' section on the rightmiddle, and enter these codes: 1 FNMDGP 2 KWPMZW 3 MWTMJP 4 WMKFGC 5 NCTFJN 6 GDZDJC 7 HTRNPW 8 FXGJDW 9 PCNKGR 10 GPCRSXmtg dotp 2013 dlc promo codes Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 (named Magic 2013 on the iOS app store) is the 3rd game in Magic The Gathering's ongoing annual digital game series, and adds new decks, new challenges, more deck customization, and a new game type: Planechase. There are a number of Promo codes that were given away for DotP 2013, each

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