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2020-01-25 06:33

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May 04, 2015 Did you withdraw the cash payment from your bank? If you did, does the amount match what she claims? If so, it doesn't prove you paid her, but it does back up what you are saying. When you go to court, have proof of the check and cashier's check, and bank statement if you made a cash withdrawal, and it will be her word against yours.

What Proof Do You Get When You Pay Off a Mortgage? By: Ciele Edwards Although processing your final payment and releasing your mortgage lien takes time, you can get shortterm proof that you paid your mortgage in full by requesting that your lender send you a mortgage balance statement. Mortgage balance statements contain information such Payment Proofs. This page shows cashouts made in the last 31 days only. View this page as a member, and under the Payment Proof column, next to your cashouts, you will see the option to submit your payment proof. Please help us show the public that we do in fact paypaid to promote payment proof PaidToPromote Description Statistics updated in real time, Never adjust the balance A variety of ad formats to maximize your income No minimum traffic limit

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