Skeletal muscle specific promoter

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Jun 19, 2008  Those results showed musclespecific expression and functional recovery of dystrophic skeletal muscle, but the expression was lower than that of the CMV promoter. 8,How can the answer be improved? skeletal muscle specific promoter

Jul 06, 2004 MuscleSpecific Promoters May Be Necessary for AdenoAssociated VirusMediated Gene Transfer in the Treatment of Muscular Dystrophies. Laurence Cordier; Transduction of Skeletal Muscles with Common Reporter Genes Can Promote Muscle Fiber Degeneration and Inflammation.

System for Regulation of Skeletal MuscleSpecific Gene Expression in Transgenic Mice. These mice were crossed to a second transgenic line containing a bidirectional promoter centered on a tet responder element driving both a luciferase reporter gene and a tagged gene of interest; in this case the calpain inhibitor calpastatin. May 07, 2012  To achieve skeletal musclespecific expression, the human skeletal actin promoter was used to drive expression of a chimeric Cre recombinase containing two mutated estrogen receptor ligandbinding domains.skeletal muscle specific promoter MUSCLESPECIFIC EXPRESSION VECTORS Patent Europe PMC FREE Get Deal The musclespecific promoter elements are derived from a muscle creatine kinase promoter, a troponin I promoter, a skeletal alphaactin promoter, or a desmin promoter. The musclespecific enhancer elements are derived from either troponin I internal regulatory elements, muscle creatin e kinase enhancers, or desmin enhancers.

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Nov 09, 2007  A Musclespecific Promoter and Exon of the Pitx3 LocusThe skeletal musclespecific Pitx3 transcription unit defined in the present work includes a new exon 1 (exon 1m) and important regulatory sequences located within 1659 bp upstream (Figs. 4, 5, 6 and 7). skeletal muscle specific promoter Skeletal musclespecific Cre recombinase expression, controlled by the human skeletal actin promoter, improves glucose tolerance in mice fed a highfat diet Authors Rami Al Batran Inducible Cre transgenic mouse strain for skeletal muscle FREE Get Deal We used the HSA promoter (2, 000 to 239) to drive skeletal musclespecific expression of the Cre cDNA as others have done. Additionally, the globin intron II was incorporated into the transgene to ensure proper splicing [ 2, 25. May 07, 2012  The use of the CreloxP system for gene targeting has been proven to be a powerful tool for understanding gene function. The purpose of this study was to create and characterize an inducible, skeletal musclespecific Cre transgenic mouse strain. To achieve skeletal musclespecific expression, the human skeletal actin promoter was used to drive expression of a chimeric Cre recombinase We have generated a transgenic mouse that expresses Cre recombinase only in skeletal muscle and only following This spatiotemporal specificity is achieved using 2 transgenes. The first transgene uses the human skeletal actin (HSA) promoter to drive expression of the reverse