Ocbc fixed deposit promotion rate 2016

2020-01-25 06:33

The placement amount for all Time Deposit promotions must be in fresh funds only. Fresh funds refer to funds not transferred or withdrawn from existing OCBC Bank deposit accounts and redeposited or funds in the form of OCBC Bank chequecashier's orderdemand drafts. The maximum placement amount for all the above Time Deposit promotions is S999, 999 or equivalent.Ocbc Fd Promotion 75 off. ocbc fd promotion getsetcoupon. com. 75 off 75 off Get Deal ocbc deposit promotion getsetcoupon. com. 75 off Get Deal ocbc fixed deposit promotion FREE Get Deal The 24 months fixed deposit is valid for a limited time period and is subject to change by OCBC Bank at ocbc fixed deposit promotion rate 2016

Jan 07, 2016 Singapore Savings Account Rates blogspot dot com is the online presence where we share OCBC 1. 7 Fixed Deposit Promotion 2016 in Singapore. Team members at Singapore Savings Account Rates are motivated to help you earn more interest income from savings accounts, savings bonds and other fixed income investments in 2016.

The best time to save is now. Grow your wealth with high interest rates from OCBC Malaysia's saving accounts, fixed deposit (FD) accounts or islamic accounts. Visit any of 1. 45 p. a. Fixed Deposit Promotion: Bank OCBC (Singapore) Tenure 12 months Minimum Placement Sum 20K Maximum Placement Sum under 1 million Interest Rate p. a. 1. 45 p. a.ocbc fixed deposit promotion rate 2016 OCBC 1. 7 to 1. 8 p. a. Time Deposit Promo From 19 Jan 2016 UPDATED 22 Feb 2016 19 Jan 2016 SGNewsMan Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Banks, Events Get 1. 70 p. a. with a minimum deposit of S20, 000 in fresh funds if you are an OCBC Personal Banking customer.

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Ocbc fixed deposit promotion rate 2016 free

Under this promotion, youll enjoy a 1. 7 interest rate on 12month fixed deposits, or 1. 55 on 6month fixed deposits. The catch is that you need to have at least 20, 000 to qualify. ocbc fixed deposit promotion rate 2016 Take your time to go through the latest list of FD interest rates offered by the banks today to find the highest fixed deposit rates that suits you. Best Fixed Deposit Rates By Tenor. 1Month: 1. 55 p. a. (ICBC) 3Month: 1. 70 p. a. (Hong Leong Finance) 6Month: 1. 80 p. a. (ICBCHong Leong Finance) 9Month: 1. 85 p. a. (ICBC) 10Month: 1. 70 p. a. (UOB) SGD Time Deposit. For deposits of more than S1, 000, 000, you may call us at 1800 363 3333 or approach any branch for interest rates. Esteem time deposits will earn 0. 125 p. a. more than time deposits for amount S5, 000 S50, 000. UOB Fixed Deposit Promotions& Interest Rates in Singapore FREE Get Deal Meanwhile, with a minimum placement of 20, 000, OCBC offers promotional interest rates of 1. 7 for 12month fixed deposits, and 1. 55 for 6month fixed deposits. Based on the above, it looks like Mar 02, 2017  OCBC Fresh Funds Fixed Deposit Promotional Rate 0. 9p. a. for 12 months Time Deposit Enjoy 0. 9 p. a. for a OCBC 12months SGD Time Deposit with a minimum placement of S20k to a maximum of S999, 999.