Hang seng credit card promotion $500

2019-12-13 09:01

Unless specified otherwise, customers must settle payment with Hang Seng Credit Cards, Affinity Cards or Spending Cards. Use of Cash Dollars is subject to the terms and conditions of Hang Seng Credit Card Membership Rewards Programme. For details, please call our 24hour Hang Seng Credit Card Marketing Enquiry Hotline 2998 6868.For details, please call our 24hour Hang Seng Credit Card Marketing Enquiry Hotline 2299 6899. (2) Except enJoy Card Designated Merchants. (3) Customers must settle the payment with a physical Hang Seng enJoy Card to enjoy some yearround offers from enJoy Card Designated Merchants. For details of offers, please contact merchant staff. (4) hang seng credit card promotion $500

Our telemarketing representative will always address customer by his her name. If you are suspicious about any telemarketing calls from Hang Seng Bank, please do not disclose your personal information and contact us at 2398 0000 (Credit Card) and 2997 3882 (Personal Loans).

The handling fee is to be determined by Hang Seng from time to time for individual promotion. The annualized percentage rate(APR) of 0. 22 monthly handling fee are as follows: 4. 61 for 6 months, 4. 95 for 12 months, 5. 11 for 24 months, 5. 14 for 36 months, 5. 13 for 48 months, 5. 11 The offers are not applicable to purchases of Mannings gift vouchers and charges of plastic shopping bags. The use of Cash Dollars, enJoy Dollars, cash or gift vouchers, other discounts, offers or all transactions will not be taken into account when calculating net spending. If more than 1 transaction with net spending of HK500 [hang seng credit card promotion $500 Hang Seng Credit Card Promotion. From now until 31 August 2019, you can enjoy below offers when spending with Hang Seng Credit Card at FORTRESS: (1) Up to 50 off selected items (2) FORTRESS eShop exclusive offer of HKD50 FORTRESS ecoupon (3) Online Shopping Reward Up to 4 Cash Dollars Rebate (registration required)

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Hang seng credit card promotion $500 free

Best Education loans 2018Best Wedding Loans 2018Best Debt Consolidation Loans (Balance Transfer) in Hong Kong 2018Best Revolving Loans in Hong Kong 2018Best Tax Loan Plans in Hong Kong 2018. hang seng credit card promotion $500 General Terms and Conditions for Hang Seng Credit Card, Hang Seng Affinity Card and Selected Hang Seng Credit Card 2019 Yearround Discount Offers: The offers are valid until 31 December 2019. With Hang Seng credit cards, cardholders can earn Cash Dollars for every spending, which can be used to offset spending at over 7, 600 designated merchant outlets in Hong Kong. At designated merchants such as Sa Sa, Mirabell, etc. , cardholders can even earn Merchant Dollars on top of Cash Dollars